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AI persona core

A hyper-advanced computer core that houses a superhumanlike artificial intelligence. In its isolated state the core is dormant. Installed in a proper support structure, however, it can become a mind of frightening power.

Elephant tusk

An elephant's tusk. Very durable and valuable. Deadly but somewhat unwieldy as a weapon.

When an elephant is killed, it may drop one or two elephant tusks. These can then be traded to exotic goods traders for a good price, or used as a melee weapon.

Glitterworld medicine

Advanced medical supplies from a high-tech glitterworld.


A one-use nanotech trainer device. The neurotrainer is inserted through the orbit of the eye and releases nanomachines into the subject's brain, quickly improving their skills in a specific area.

This device is used by a colonist to raise one particular skill by giving 50000 base experience. This is multiplied by the colonist's passion bonus, giving 33%/100%/150% XP. The skill it will upgrade is listed as a prefix, i.e. Melee Neurotrainer. It will have no effect on a colonist that is incapable of that skill. A skill upgraded above level 10 is still subject to decay. Neurotrainers aren't installed via operations like bionics are. To use the device, select a colonist, right-click the neurotrainer, then click 'Use neurotrainer'. It is consumed upon use. The daily max learning and "too smart" traits do not affect experience gain and the neutrotrainer will not count against daily XP gain.

Thrumbo horn

"A thrumbo's horn. It's razor sharp, very hard, and priceless in most markets. This is a true trophy."

Triple Rocket Launcher

A single-use rocket launcher that fires 3 projectiles in quick succession.