Electric tailoring bench

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Electric tailoring bench

Electric tailoring bench

"A workbench with a sewing machine for rapid tailoring of clothes. Can work without electricity at 40% of normal speed."

1 ˣ 3
Steel 50 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75 + Component 3
Steel 37 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 56 + Component 3

The electric tailoring bench is used by colonists assigned to tailoring to produce clothing. It can still operate without electricity, but at a reduced production speed equivalent to its non-electric counterpart, the hand-tailoring bench.

Like other production stations, a bill must be created to specify what items are to be produced and what materials may be used. Materials that may be used are leather, cloth, devilstrand, and hyperweave. Each clothing item produced has a certain quality depending on the crafting skill of the colonist (see quality for a detailed chart). An item's market value, deterioration rate, defense rating and temperature resistance are all determined by the material substance and crafting quality.

Grown cloth is the baseline material used for tailoring, being easy to grow and providing mundane stats across the board. Devilstrand by comparison is extremely difficult to grow and not useful for equipping a starting colony. Leather based apparel typically has improved defense ratings while domesticated animal wool has excellent temperature tolerance for extreme climates.

If a tailoring job is interrupted for any reason the crafter will drop the piece, usually on the workbench, and it will be in an unfinished state until the crafter finishes it. A crafter cannot work on another crafter's piece. The piece will indicate the name of the crafter and how much work is remaining. The stockpile filter includes an entry for unfinished apparel which allows the player to control where they are stored.

An effective tool as of Alpha 11 for ensuring that only quality garments from a tailors workbench are retained is to build a nearby crematorium. Set your crematorium to burn all clothing below a certain quality threshold. Before you do this take some time to ensure that there is enough clothing for all of colonists to wear. When paired with custom outfits, you can ensure that everyone is wearing the highest quality clothing.

Up to two nearby tool cabinets can be connected to an electric tailoring bench to increase work speed.

Clothing items that can be crafted
Item Work Amount Materials Needed Materials Base Market Value Value//Work Value/Materials
Pants 117 50 All Textiles 128 1.09 2.56
T-Shirt 80 50 All Textiles 120 1.5 2.4
Button-Down Shirt 134 55 All Textiles 140 1.04 2.55
Tribalwear 34 35 All Textiles 78 2.29 2.23
Duster 400 80 All Textiles 255 0.64 3.19
Jacket 284 70 All Textiles 210 0.74 3
Parka 367 120 All Textiles 330 0.9 2.75
Cowboy hat 50 25 All Textiles 62 1.24 2.48
Tuque 14 25 All Textiles; No Leathers 53.20 3.8 2.13


Construction requirements include steel and components. The principal material can be wood or any kind of metal. The material chosen does not affect the speed to tailor clothing items.

Name Cost Hit Points Flammability (%) Beauty Work to Build
Steel electric tailoring bench Steel 125 + Component 3 180 20 0 42
Plasteel electric tailoring bench Steel 50 + Component 3 + Plasteel 75 505 10 0 84
Wood electric tailoring bench Steel 50 + Component 3 + Wood 75 90 100 0 30
Gold electric tailoring bench Steel 50 + Component 3 + Gold 1500 108 20 0 55
Silver electric tailoring bench Steel 50 + Component 3 + Silver 1500 126 20 0 50
Uranium electric tailoring bench Steel 50 + Component 3 + Uranium 1500 450 0 0 80