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Time in RimWorld passes as a series of ticks. On normal game speed, there are 60 such ticks to a real second; there are always 2,500 ticks to one in-game hour.

The game starts in the year 5500. The in-game clock is in 24-hour format with the hours displayed in military time from 0H to 23H.

Time proceeds as one would expect except that there are no individual months displayed, but instead the four seasons. (Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall) Each individual season is always 15 days, after which you proceed into the next season.

As of Alpha 16 (December 20th, 2016), time of day is modeled on the planet view; local time of day corresponds to how the sunlight hits the planet.

In-Game Time Ticks Real Time
1 Hour 2,500 41s
1 Day 24 Hours 60,000 16m 40s
1 Season 15 Days 900,000 04h 10m 00s
1 Year 4 Seasons 3,600,000 16h 40m 00s