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The ship, once constructed, will allow the colonists to escape the planet and win the game.

A working ship must include at least one of each ship parts which sums a minimum total of Steel: 1.800 - Plasteel: 950 - Uranium: 255 - Components: 86 - Gold: 100 - AI persona core: 1

More may be used for aesthetic/symmetrical reasons.

ShipBeam.png ShipCryptosleepCasket.png Ship computer core.png ShipReactor.png ShipEngine.png
Ship structural beam Ship cryptosleep casket Ship computer core Ship reactor Ship engine

Needs the following requirements:

  • Ship parts may not be built under a roof.
  • All parts must be connected.
  • At least one cryptosleep ship casket must contain a colonist.
  • Include a cryptosleep ship casket for each colonist you wish to evacuate.

The ship's launch readiness can be displayed by selecting any ship part and clicking 'Show launch report'. It will either list deficiencies or display 'Ready for launch'.

To launch the ship, select the ship computer core and click 'Launch ship'.

Ship launch.png