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Equipment worn by your colonists to protect them from the elements, or protect them from harm. There's two main types of gear in Rimworld: armor and clothing.


Main article: Damage

Damage is made up of 3 major components:


Main article: Clothing

Clothes are a kind of gear, mostly for providing protection from hot and cold weather and climate and covering up your colonists' nudity. They usually offer little in the way of protection against weapons when compared to armor.

Clothing can be crafted at a tailor's workbench.

If left exposed with no roof, clothing will slowly deteriorate until it disintegrates without a trace.

Clothing when worn suffers wear and tear and loses hit points over time. Apparel becomes damaged when owner dies from violence, and actually takes the damage it absorbs as armor.


Main article: Armor

Armor is a type of gear that offers superior protection to clothing, and can be worn over clothing. Armor tends to carry heavier movement speed penalties than clothing, though. Default colonist move speed is 4.61 cells per second (c/s).

If left exposed with no roof, armor will deteriorate until it disintegrates.

A colonist wearing any apparel with health between 21% and 50% will get the 'Wearing frayed apparel' thought, and armor is no exception to this. A colonist wearing any apparel with health 20% or below will get the 'Wearing tattered apparel' thought, replacing the 'frayed apparel' thought. These thoughts do not stack.

Aside from the percent decreases to certain kinds of damage that armor confers, a colonist wearing armor has a passive chance of outright avoiding all damage from some attacks, as the reinforced plates can sometimes utterly deflect a bullet. This will be represented by a "chunk" sound and a spark, akin to a colonist with the mining job striking a rock wall. The chance of this happening is unknown, but it seems to happen more often against lower-damage attacks, like those from pistols. In addition, armored enemies (such as Mechanoids, especially Centipedes) have this same chance of simply ignoring damage, so it is advised to bring your heaviest weapons to bear against these deadly foes, and against any raiders who happen to be wearing powered armor.

The Overview screen has an Outfits tab that manages apparel profiles. The Outfits system provides a way to exclude colonists from wearing damaged apparel that causes mood debuffs.

Clothing Layers

On Skin Middle Shell Over Head
Full Head Nose, Jaw, Eyes ×
Upper Head Head, Ears ×
Arms Shoulders, Arms × × ×
Torso Torso, Neck × × ×
Legs Legs × × ×

Each kind of gear is worn on a specific location of a person's body. That location is determined by two things:

  1. The body part groups it covers.
  2. The layer or layers it occupies. A layer basically says how far away from the body a piece of gear is worn.

Which body parts have which layers is shown in the table on the right; layers and body parts which are not currently used by gear were omitted.


Gear can be destroyed using a crematorium or a campfire. Simply create a "Burn apparel" bill, and be sure to uncheck anything you want to keep.