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Drugs can be used to gain temporary benefits of various sorts at the risk of addiction, negative side effects, and even overdose resulting in death. Most drugs are crafted using either Psychoid leaves or Neutroamine, however beer requires Hops and has an intermediate stage before fermenting called Wort.

The Drugs in the game are split into the following categories:


Drug Market Value Ingredients Work Amount Minimum Skills
Medicine  ? 1 Herbal medicine, 1 Neutroamine, 3 Cloth 12 Medicine 6, Crafting 3
Wake-Up 24 2 Neutroamine 14
Penoxycyline 32 3 Neutroamine 9
Flake 14 4 Psychoid leaves 5
Yayo 23 8 Psychoid leaves 7
Smokeleaf 11 4 Smokeleaf leaves 6
Go-Juice 45 2 Neutroamine, 1 Yayo 7
Beer 9 Wort (1:1??)  ?
Recipies as of Alpha 16


Main Article: Go-juice

A synthetic combat drug developed for space marines during the early days of interplanetary warfare. Go-juice blocks pain and increases the user's melee and shooting abilities. It also enhances movement speed.

Military chemists who created it were never able to remove its addictiveness. Some saw this as a downside; others saw it as a benefit.

Drug info
Addictiveness 8%
Market value $45.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 7
Drug effects
Consciousness +10%
Joy +40%
Movement +30%
Pain x10%
Rest +40%

Gameplay Overview

Go-Juice is a drug that can either be purchased, found on raiders, or manufactured at a drug lab. It acts as a potent stimulant and pain-killer, preventing 90% of pain that the user would experience, and boosting consciousness, movement, and sight. It has a somewhat significant impact on combat performance due to the mobility improvement, along with the enhancement to sight and consciousness which are vital for shooting accuracy. The high for go-juice lasts 1.875 days from 75% severity (one injection), but can last as long as 2.5 days from 100% severity (multiple injections). One can only get addicted to Go-Juice if they have at least a 3% severity tolerance to it, if they weren't beforehand.

It also has its uses outside of combat, such as improving the surgery success chance with the consciousness boost, so it's advisable to give a surgeon Go-Juice before performing an operation. This particularly applies for Alpha 16, where medicine has been nerfed.

Detailed Effects

  • Improved movement (+30%)
  • Improved sight (+25%)
  • Heightened consciousness (+10%)
  • Minimised pain (x10%)
  • Satisfies rest need (+40%)
  • Chemical joy (+40%)
  • Improved mood (+5)
  • Go-juice tolerance (+4.4%)


If a pawn develops at least a large tolerance to Go-Juice (50% severity), they will get Chemical Damage in the brain in a mean time of 120 in-game days. This results in a maximum consciousness of 50% for that pawn (slightly less severe than an unarmoured machine pistol shot to the brain), and there is no way to reverse the effects. The result is that the affected pawn will fare significantly worse in combat, and also work at half the speed of an average pawn.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The process of going through Go-Juice withdrawal is nasty, but also shorter than any other withdrawal, with a length of only 25 in-game days (compared to 30 for all other drugs in the game). The withdrawal symptoms for Go-Juice typically consist of significantly impaired movement, impaired consciousness, blood pumping, and sight, and slightly impaired manipulation. Other symptoms include increased hunger rate, fatigue, massively increased pain, binging, psychotic wandering, and very poor mood. The mood hit is so bad, that one would rather lose their spouse than their go-juice.

Detailed Symptoms

  • Impaired movement (-50%)
  • Impaired consciousness (-20%)
  • Impaired blood pumping (-20%)
  • Impaired sight (-20%)
  • Increased hunger rate (x150%)
  • Increased tiredness (x130%)
  • Increased pain (x300%)
  • Hard drug binges (mtb of 40 days)
  • Psychotic wandering (mtb of 7 days)
  • Awful mood (-35)


Main Article: Luciferium

A concoction of advanced glitterworld mechanites that dramatically improve the body's functioning in all respects. Unfortunately, without the moderating effects of regular doses every five or six days, the mechanites lose cohesion, causing continuous berserk rages and, eventually, death.

After the first dose, there is no way to get the mechanites out, ever.

On the urbworlds, they call Luciferium the 'Devil's Bargain'. Many have been forced to kill friends when no more of the seductive red pills could be found.

Drug info
Addictiveness 100%
Market value $100.00
Hit points 50
Work to make n/a
Drug effects
Blood filtration +70%
Blood pumping +15%
Breathing +10%
Consciousness +25%
Hearing +20%
Metabolism +20%
Moving +25%
Pain x80%
Sight +20%


Main Article: Malari-block

Penoxycyline is a medical drug in RimWorld which was introduced in Alpha 16, and succeeds Malari-Block. Unlike its predecessor, Penoxycyline blocks against 3 diseases: malaria, sleeping sickness, and the dreaded plague - whereas Malari-block only blocked against malaria.

Like Malari-Block; Penoxycyline can either be purchased from traders, or crafted at a drug lab - but for a mere 3 neutroamine as opposed to the 5 which Malari-block took. However, in order to make Penoxycyline, you need to have penoxycyline production researched, which in turn requires drug production, and Neutroamine has to either be purchased from traders, or found in cargo pods.

Penoxycyline can be administered if one has one of the diseases it protects against, and doing so will boost the immunity to 61% if it's lower than that.

Is a medical drug that blocks malaria, sleeping sickness and the plague. For it to work optimally, the colonists should take them every 5 days. Added in Alpha 16.


Main Article: Flake

A flaky substance that can be smoked to induce a short but powerful euphoric state. While it is cheap to produce, it is exceptionally addictive. The crack cocaine of Rimworld if you will.

Drug info
Addictiveness 20%
Market value $15.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 5
Drug effects
Joy +70%
Pain x50%
Rest +20%
Tiredness +33%

Gameplay Overview

Flake is a drug that can be manufactured at a Drug Lab using 7 Psychoid Leaves. Flake is the cheaper, but also less powerful cousin of Yayo, along with a significantly higher addiction rate alongside that, making this drug somewhat impractical for use because of its lowered potency and exceptional addictiveness.

However, it is a notably better drug to sell than Yayo because of the return per psychoid leaves: Yayo has a market value of 22 silver for the cost of 14 psychoid leaves, whereas Flake has a market value of 15 silver, but only for 7 psychoid leaves. This means that if you manufacture and sell Flake; you'll get a roughly 36.4% better return of silver compared to if you were to manufacture and sell Yayo instead.


A fine white powder snorted to produce a euphoric high. Yayo reduces the user's need for rest, and suppresses pain. It is, however, addictive.

Drug info
Addictiveness 10%
Market value $23.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 7
Drug effects
Joy 80.00%
Moving +15%
Pain x50%
Rest 40%
Tiredness x33%

Smokeleaf joint

Smokeleaf leaves prepared in small rolls for smoking. The drug improves mood, but also increases appetite, reduces focus, and slows movement. Smokeleaf use can produce a dependency. Can be produced without equipment, at a crafting spot.

Drug info
Addictiveness 1%
Market value $13.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 4
Drug effects
Consciousness -30%
Hunger rate x130%
Joy 80.00%
Moving -30%
Pain -20%
Rest -10%


An addictive stimulant. Fills the need for rest, and allows users to work for extended periods without getting tired. Addiction causes reduced mental performance and, sometimes, psychotic breaks with reality.

Drug info
Addictiveness 10%
Market value $24.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 14
Drug effects
Consciousness +10%
Global work speed +50%
Joy 40.00%
Moving +10%
Rest 100%
Tiredness x80%